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Critics - Book Memoria Digital

Alicia in the country of Villegas

Yes, it can be said that there is something new in art, that novelty was presented last night in Bogota by Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Fondo de Cultura Economica and Villegas Editores. “Digital Memory” of Alicia Viteri is the name of the book that contains a highly original artistic conception. I do not know if in other parts of the world there are similar artistic postmodernist works, emanated from the new technology that now provides to the brain creator of all the possibilities to innovate and rethink art.
Responding to the postmodern trends, with its syncretism and freedom in the use of instruments adding the use of advanced media graphics the artist takes over the photography. This serves as an exhaustive computer work with his software (Macintosh platform) Photoshop and Zbrush, it is used as an electronic pencil. Thanks to her experience as a drawer and engraver she restores, intervenes, and recreates aesthetically a collection of old pictures, during a long process of learning and intense creativity, covering the last seven years of production.

The “Digital Memory” of Alicia Viteri will be an artistic innovation as important of what Andy Warhol did in his time with Pop Art. However while the genius of Warhol sold out the possibility that the ‘pop art’ could be extended in time keeping his work as unique and unrepeatable, Alicia Viteri (We could Christen as Photoshop Art or Mac Art) is the wonderful forerunner in the use of a new tool that will feed generations of artists We’re actually at the gates of  an art renaissance, driven by technology. Who knows what extraordinary things we’ll or may the world see in a couple of years when the infinite range of nanotechnology will be applied in full to artistic creation.

Enrique Santos Molano