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The initial theme of Alicia Viteri's work revolves around insects.
This series of pencil drawings express a deep self-examination of the artist and her great handling of drawing.
Her stay in Quito (Ecuador) presente Alicia Viteri with a reality where the radical latent social disparities mark scenes of dramatic contrasts.
Starting a deep process of introspection, the artist develops an extensive production of self-portraits.
In this series of 10 etchings, the artist uses the same metal plate to make multiple prints in each of the 78 x 106 cm papers.
The color and excitement of Panama exert great influence on the palette and subject matter of the artist
As a stark contrast to the 'Carnival' series, here we find the characters groups that are part of funeral events.
This installation is a splendid synthesis of the Funeral and the Carnival, held on a 7m x 2.7m fabric surface
The tense political situation in Panama latent in the late '90s, during the military dictatorship of Noriega, led this series where the artist, through the metaphor of the Prince Prospero, portrayed the corruption of rulers and their allies of the ruling class.
After a forced break from work for health reasons, Alicia Viteri finds new inspiration in the colorful exuberance of the tropics.
In parallel to her landscapes, the artist investigates new technologies and uses computer graphics to create this series where personal memories, almost in the form of autobiography, her childhood, mentors, experiences, and friends.
Book collecting the Digital Memory exposition